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Teeth Extractions Marbella

We appreciate that deciding to have a tooth taken out and then going through the process may not be an easy task as many people are worried how they will look or feel without their tooth or teeth – however, we will do our best to alleviate any concerns. All our teeth extractions in Marbella are carried out at the Oasis Dental Clinic and are done under effective local anaesthetic with or without the adjunctive help of sedation medication if you feel this would make the process easier for you.

Furthermore, you will be given both verbal and written post-operative instructions so you know exactly what to do and not do follow your tooth extraction treatment in Marbella. You will also be told what to expect as the healing progresses. A review appointment may sometimes be scheduled just to ensure all healing following your teeth extraction is going as planned.

Tooth Extraction Treatments Marbella

It can be difficult to accurately estimate the length of time an extraction will take although a clinical examination and radiograph can usually be a good indication and it may vary from a few minutes to about half an hour. This simply will depend on extraction, which will vary from patient to patient. We will try to be as fast as possible, but at Oasis Dental, we don’t take shortcuts on our work because we believe that a great smile takes time and patience.

Similarly, the difficulty of the extraction may vary and some cases may be surgical where some re-positioning of the gum and bone removal may be necessary but in all instances, we ensure that effective anaesthesia throughout makes the procedure pain free although you will likely a small amount of pressure in your mouth.

Afterwards, for difficult cases, you may be prescribed a short course of antibiotics and strong painkillers and a review appointment may be scheduled to check healing is progressing well.

Following any Marbella tooth extraction, you will need to help your mouth to heal. This can be sped up by gently rinsing your mouth with warm, but not hot, salt water and by eating only soft food for the first few days after the extraction.