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The use of acrylic (plastic) and metallic components to create a natural looking alternative to missing several teeth has been a treatment option for many years. While most patients prefer to have fixed, not removable, solutions a denture is sometimes the best and most cost effective and simple way to replace multiple teeth.

Dentures improve your appearance as they also support your cheeks leading to a healthy appearance rather than the collapsed facial appearance that can be seen when all the teeth are lost. Dentures are specific to the wearer and we treat all cases on an individual basis which is why we craft our dentures in a bespoke fashion.

There is always a learning curve when coping with new dentures as speech and chewing may be different at first. However perseverance and an understanding of how dentures function, including their limitations, does mean that the majority of patients do adapt over time and cope well with their new found teeth! It is possible for dentures to be that good they go unnoticed by friends and family and the use of the highest quality materials and techniques ensures excellent chewing and comfort as well as a beautiful smile.