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The most important part of starting orthodontic treatment is first finding a qualified orthodontist to do the job. It is important that the doctor that would guide your treatment to success has the ample knowledge, skills and the experience to be able to study the case, draw a treatment plan and carry out the treatment smoothly achieving all the treatment objectives.

The Oasis Dental Clinic works closely with Doctors Nakpil and Bueno who have been practicing orthodontics exclusively for 17 years; both have been trained in New York University College of Dentistry specializing in orthodontics. Dr. Nakpil and Bueno are active members of the SEDO (Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia), AAO (American Association of Orthodontist) and the WFO (World federation of Orthodontist).

They have had personal training with Dr. Ronald Roth, a pioneer in orthodontics whose philosophy led to the creation of the modern straight wire edge wise bracket that he helped design. But besides from traditional and self-ligating brackets they do recognize the importance of the aesthetic need of each patient during treatment and so they also use aesthetic brackets, lingual brackets (brackets on the inner surface of the teeth) and Invisalign (transparent removable aligners) having received the Master Class Course from Dr. Joan Raga, whose practice in Barcelona is exclusively dedicated to Invisalign.