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It may seem obvious but starting at the beginning is always the very best place to start! Therefore before embarking on any type of dental treatment we always conduct an initial comprehensive examination first.*.

Many people fail to realize that our mouths may be a reflection of/or be related to other conditions of our general health. E.g. poorly controlled/ undiagnosed diabetics may experience frequent mouth ulcers. We spend time taking a detailed history from you and learning about your concerns as we strongly believe in adopting a holistic approach to your dental care and plan treatment not just for a healthy mouth and teeth but for your whole well-being.

Our very comprehensive examination involves an assessment of 12 main areas which include:

  • The Jaw joints and muscles of mastication (this can be related to tension headaches)
  • Oral cancer Screening: assessing all the Soft tissues: e.g. tongue, roof of the mouth
  • Your Gum health including measuring bone loss
  • Your Occlusion (how your teeth meet together i.e. bite)
  • The health of all your teeth and existing restorations

Additional investigations at this appointment may include:

  • Radiographs (or X-rays) as many diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be seen by visual examination alone.
    X-rays may reveal for example small areas of decay between the teeth or below existing restorations (fillings) and infections in the bone. We use digital radiography which has been shown to reduce radiation dosage to the patient by up to 70% as compared to conventional film X-rays.
    Finding and treating dental problems at an early stage can save time, money and unnecessary discomfort. If you have a hidden tumor, radiographs may even help save your life.
  • Use of an intra-oral camera and digital photos to clearly show you areas which are of concern.
  • Impression taking for study models: this is usually needed for planning more complicated treatment including cosmetic makeovers.

After the consultation appointment you will be provided with a written treatment estimate which does not place any obligation on you to proceed with treatment.

However it does allow you to see a detailed breakdown of what is proposed and costs for individual appointments.

If would like additional information on our 12 point dental health examinations please contact us.

*This is with the exception of emergency visits where we need to relieve pain or otherwise treat an urgent problem