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Dentist Open Saturday and Late Night Hours

Here at Oasis Dental, we understand the hectic and busy lives that we all live, from taking the children to school to a full day at the office, it’s often difficult to find some time for yourself, let alone to make time to look after your teeth properly. But we want to ensure that you always feel confident in your smile, that’s why here at Oasis Dental in Marbella we provide Saturday and late night dental practice hours, to make sure you can always find the time to look after yourself and your smile.

Our Saturday surgery hours run from 10 am to 2 pm, while our late-night Thursday hours are from opening at 10 am all the way until 8 pm. So, if you’ve had a change in schedule and won’t be able to make your usual appointment time, you don’t have to worry as both Dr King and Dr Miller-Wojtan as well as our dental nurse team, will be available at a time that suits you.

And no matter what treatment you are looking for whether it be a routine hygiene treatment or professional teeth whitening, all of our treatments continue to be available within our late night and Saturday opening hours.

If you’d like to book a dental appointment for any of our extended surgery hours, then get in touch with us today!