What Are Veneers and Why Get Them?

Dental Veneers are a relatively simple and effective way of performing a smile makeover and have you smiling with confidence once more.

Veneers are commonly used for those with heavily stained teeth, chipped teeth or to fix gaps in an individual’s smile.  However, having veneers fitted is a big decision, as the process will, in most cases, involve the irreversible shaping and contouring of the original tooth to allow the veneer to be fitted, so it’s essential you have the best information available to you when making such a decision.

So, in the rest of this guide, our Marbella dental experts will help you take a deeper look into what veneers are, and why you might get them.

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What are Veneers?

A veneer in its official dentistry definition is a “thin piece of porcelain, that is used to re-create the natural look of teeth while ensuring strength and resilience is provided of equal measure to natural tooth enamel.” Here at Oasis Dental Marbella, we specialise in the detailed bespoke custom making and fitting of porcelain veneers, matching them to the rest of your teeth’s colouring and fitting them with exquisite precision, to the front surface of your teeth, improving the appearance of your smile with a solution to meet your expectations.


Why do we as dentists use veneers? 

As dental experts, we pride ourselves in offering our patients the most suitable solution to their dental needs, and veneers are often able to correct multiple problems at the same time, including discolouration or to cover chipped and fractured teeth. Results can also be provided faster than other forms of treatment such as braces. With careful planning, we also have great predictability in the final result allowing you to pre-approve the end result.


Why should you get veneers?

As we mentioned above veneers provide a relatively simple, quick and effective solution for a range of general and cosmetic dentistry requirements, and the ability to custom make your veneers so as to match the colour and shape of your other teeth, it means you get the exact look you want.

The shade of some patients´ teeth can be naturally dark throughout their life and veneers can be used to hide this discolouration of our teeth. Due to the porcelain glaze, it is unlikely that drinking and eating some of your favourite snacks will stain your veneers, however, if you damage the surface of the porcelain you can leave the veneers susceptible to potential staining.


How are veneers fitted?

Here at Oasis Dental our veneer treatment process will require a minimum of two appointments.

After planning appointments to determine exactly what you are looking for, the first treatment visit involves contouring the teeth slightly if required by removing a very small amount of your tooth enamel.

From here we shall make an impression of your teeth which we will use to custom craft your veneer. To protect your tooth during the time between your first and second visit, we’ll fit temporary veneers. This gives you an opportunity to preview the final result.

Once we’ve created your laboratory-made custom veneers, at the second appointment the temporary veneer is removed, the tooth cleaned, and the area is prepared before the veneers are tried in to make sure you are completely happy with the result.

We will then use the adhesive bonding to ensure the veneers are fitted precisely and polished, to give your smile that beautiful gleam you were looking for.


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With that short and sweet guide, you’ve got everything you require to be fully informed about the dental veneer process from what are veneers to why you may want to get them. If you’d like to learn more about our veneer treatments, then why not give our expert team a call today and we’ll be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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