Alternatives to amalgam fillings increase in demand as benefits become widely recognised

Amalgam has been in use in dentistry for over 100 years and evidence has shown that mercury can leak from these fillings over time. This has led to concerns that this mercury could be affecting the user’s health and has eventually caused a shift to mercury-free alternatives such as bondings and white fillings.

Today, with the increase of chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives, processed ingredients in food, and diverse contaminants in our environment; sensitivities, allergies and other illnesses are increasing rapidly.

Environmental doctors consider the toxicity of heavy metal as part of a holistic wellness approach to improving patient’s health. These doctors focus on different sources of metals when the patient’s lab reports/diagnostic tests show higher than normal levels of mercury and other metals. They then aim to remove/ reduce these contributory sources and may recommend the safe removal of silver mercury fillings. It is vital that if choosing to remove amalgam fillings, certain safety precautions are taken to protect the patient and not increase the burden on the body as the highest mercury release occurs at the time of placement and removal of the restorations.

There is a wealth of information showing that amalgam restorations release mercury into patient’s bloodstream over time although much debate continues as to the overall impact of this on the patient’s health. However, there is a growing trend to remove these fillings and change to the modern alternatives – just in case! These newer fillings are also designed to match the natural colour of the teeth, so they are much more aesthetically pleasing.

Oasis Dental Clinic is an amalgam free practice as newer “mercury-free materials” are superior to the traditional fillings in terms of aesthetics, wear and polishability over time and the ability to withstand stronger chewing forces. They are also minimally invasive and maintain the integrity of the tooth structure. Our practice offers modern techniques and equipment and highly trained and experienced staff to make sure that fillings are correctly placed for long-term success.

The special package, called Dental Detox, was developed to deal with the demand for amalgam removal. This package includes; a full consultation and assessment to ensure that the patient understands both the positive and negative implications of replacing amalgam fillings, removal of the fillings and appropriate high-quality replacements.

Dental amalgam restorations, also called silver mercury fillings, were introduced to North America in the 1830s and have been the standard restorative filling for back teeth. Silver mercury amalgam restorations are comprised of 50% mercury, with the balance being silver, copper, tin, and zinc. Over time the exposed surface changes. The fillings corrode, and surface texture becomes rough. Mercury vapour is released by chewing grains, nuts, seeds, and gum, as has been detected in studies using mercury vapour analyzers.

Written by Dr. Nina King

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