The Smile Makeover and What It Can Do For You

One of the most upsetting body hang-ups that many of us suffer from is self-consciousness surrounding our teeth. Problem areas on the body can be covered with clothing and temporarily forgotten, but dissatisfied feelings about our smiles affect us during the happiest of occasions, leaving us looking glum or awkward in photos or suffering from paranoia during our laughter-filled interactions with loved ones. However, even the toughest tooth-related issues can be solved. A Smile Makeover, like the one offered by Oasis Dental, is a life changing investment for those who just want to let their smiles shine. Here, in a few steps, are the many ways that the Smile Makeover can help you achieve that goal.


  1. Understand your requirements

It’s your perfect look, so it’s all down to you. When you first express a wish to change your teeth, an appointment for a comprehensive smile assessment will be arranged, where expert cosmetic dentists will discuss your requirements with you. The approach they will take – which will involve a combination of your preferences and their expertise – will be agreed upon, and you’ll come to realise that the perfect smile isn’t so far out of reach after all.


  1. Visualise your new look

Diagnostic models of your teeth will be adapted to allow you a preview of what your smile will look like after the makeover, allowing you and your dentist in Marbella to discuss the process with visual aids. Approaches can include the use of a state of the art whitening process along with diamond-edge contouring of the teeth and gums to give an even, symmetrical look that is both healthy and natural.


  1. Take it for a spin

It’s your investment, so you ought to get the final say. A “trial smile” period is often arranged, where you have the opportunity to come back and request changes to your look before the process is officially completed. This allows you to truly own your look and remain in charge throughout the treatment.


  1. Debut the new you

Once your procedure is complete, you can really grab life with both hands and start to feel the full effect of your glorious new smile – on both you and everyone around you. The best thing that the Smile Makeover can offer you is a fabulous end result that will boost your self-confidence to a place you never imagined.

It really doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling and start the short and simple journey to a brand-new look. Oasis Dental is open from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening Monday to Friday, with an earlier finish of 3pm on the Thursday. Don’t hesitate to discuss any and all concerns with the team; We are there to give you the best possible experience and put you at your ease. Call us today on +34 952 83 74 42 or email [email protected] to start the conversation and book your smile assessment.

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