The importance of regular hygiene treatments

Just like regular checkups with your doctor, making and keeping appointments with your dentist in Marbella can prove vital to your general wellbeing – not just your oral health. It’s easy to put off a visit if you feel all is well and you’re not in any pain, but leaving extended periods of time between dental examinations can affect you in extremely negative ways.


One of the main causes of tooth loss is gum disease, which is sometimes also known as periodontal disease. While the process of ageing is believed to result in the teeth loosening and becoming weak and worn – which may indeed lead to extractions being necessary – the development of gum disease is by no means inevitable and can be easily avoided if caught early. In extreme cases, the condition can affect not only the gum tissue itself but also the bone structure supporting it. The bacteria and their resulting toxins wear these down, creating gaps in which they can collect and cause further damage. Tooth extractions are usually not necessary until the later stages of the disease, but the condition can become more and more difficult to treat the longer you leave it.


More serious cases are more obvious to the sufferer, who might display symptoms such as gums that are inflamed, red or painful and bleed easily, a receding gumline, loose or gapped teeth that were not so before, bad breath or a constant bad taste in the mouth, or a change in the way dentures fit, or in the way the top and bottom teeth meet. However, it’s quite common that a sufferer will see no symptoms, and in these cases, the disease may be at work for months or years before it is discovered. It is therefore vitally important that regular checkups with the dentist are arranged and kept, as there are a number of simple treatments you can undergo to keep gum disease at bay, whether or not you are aware of its development.


Dental specialists can help to prevent the development of gum disease by performing a deep clean of the teeth and mouth, removing plaque and other superficial deposits and addressing areas where a build-up is more likely. If a patient presents with gum disease in its more advanced stages, the dentist can decide whether an extraction is necessary to prevent it spreading further. Gum disease can have serious negative effects on any individual but is particularly dangerous for people who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and those who are pregnant, as it can wreak havoc upon the immune system and affect the entire body.


If you haven’t had an oral hygiene checkup for some time, it is definitely worth your while to arrange one as soon as possible. To contact Oasis Dental and book an appointment today, simply call + 34 952 83 74 42 or email [email protected], and our team will be able to assist you right away.


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