How to Fix a Broken or Chipped Tooth

Chipped or broken teeth can be caused by a number of reasons, some will leave you in significant pain and urgent need of an emergency dental appointment, while other cracks and chips may not even be noticeable, but leave your teeth open to further damage and potential infection. In the rest of this article, We’ll also explain what treatment options are available and if you can fix a broken tooth?


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What can cause broken and chipped teeth?

Our tooth enamel is one of the strongest tissues in our bodies, but it can still be damaged by a number of everyday items and bad habits or accidents which can cause breaks and chips in our teeth’s structure.

Also, teeth with decay beneath the service are more susceptible to breaks due to a weakened internal structure.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common source of chips and breaks:

  • The chewing of hard food items such as nuts, ice or boiled sweets.
  • Improper use of your teeth, such as opening bottles.
  • Unexpectedly biting down on something hard, such as an olive stone.
  • Receiving a knock to the face, common for contact sports players.


Chipped teeth

Chipped teeth are a fairly common occurrence ranging from small unnoticeable chips to more noticeable missing portions of your teeth, which can cause substantial levels of pain, due to the possibility of the nerve having become exposed. As we age, the edges of teeth get slightly worn away and this also can cause increased sensitivity.


Fixing a Chipped Tooth

Depending on the severity of the chip, will affect which path of treatment is used to fix your tooth. A small unnoticeable chip, may not require any treatment at all, though it’s worth having your dentist take a look just to ensure you’re not at risk of any further damage. In the instance that the chip leaves your tooth feeling sharp our dentists will polish your tooth down so that it doesn’t cause any cuts within your mouth and may simply seal the surface

For those larger and more painful chips, we will look to rebuild the structure of your tooth using a composite material: bonding. If there is pre-existing decay then this can be cleaned up first and the appropriate steps are taken to ensure correct bonding of the material and moulding to the desired shape.


However, if there has been a lot of tooth structure lost, you may require a crown or veneer fitted to ensure the aesthetic look of your smile and protect the remaining structure. Similarly, those patients where there has been a lot of wear on the teeth, more advanced treatment may be required to restore the correct bite, function and aesthetics


A Broken Tooth

Sometimes the damage to a tooth can be so extensive that the tooth splits in half. This can be an extremely painful experience and in this case, the best treatment may be extraction rather than restorative measures.

Although in most cases a broken tooth will be painful, due to the exposure of nerves within the dental pulp, some patients may not feel any pain, as sensitive decay within the tooth may have already destroyed the nerve over time and hence no pain. These decay induced breaks often occur in back and wisdom teeth, which are harder to reach when cleaning. Patients may have had a long-standing cavity and not been aware of it until the tooth suddenly fractures when eating something soft because it was greatly weakened. Complete breaks of front teeth tend to occur from impact from accidents, sports injuries, or the chewing of hard foods.


How to fix a broken tooth

When it comes to a broken tooth there are several options available to you and your dentist. Here at Oasis Dental, we will always try to restore your teeth where possible, composite bonding or dental crown may be used to help seal the tooth and protect the nerve and the remaining area of the tooth, due to the weakened structure.

In the case of severe breaks and decay, where the tooth can’t be saved, then an extraction is the only option, which can be a much more complex procedure than a regular extraction due to the weakened tooth state. We can then consider options for tooth replacement.


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