What you need to know about Teeth Whitening? 8 simple truths from our dental experts!

Both people’s thoughts about and the actual process of whitening itself have significantly evolved;  teeth whitening is becoming a much more common dental procedure, as it moves away from a luxury, withheld for Hollywood stars, and has become a must-have for anyone who wants to ensure their teeth match the careful and sophisticated appearance they have built for themselves.

So, in the rest of this blog we’ll look at some of the important information you should know about the teeth whitening process both prior, during and after the process.

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  1. A simple procedure

    –  teeth whitening lightens the existing colour and shade of your teeth. Firstly, your dentist in Marbella will check the health and suitability of your teeth before covering the lips and gums to ensure only your teeth are exposed. They will then apply the whitening gel, which here at Oasis Dental is designed to work seamlessly with our Zoom bleaching light technology. Both the gel and light then work together to gently penetrate the stains in your teeth, breaking up the staining molecules and reducing the discolouration.

  2. How teeth whitening works

    – As we mentioned above the whitening gel and bleaching light work together to break up the stains, but how do they do this? Our teeth act like sponges, made up of tiny pores, as we eat and drink, colours of the food and drink we consume can be absorbed through those pores, staining our teeth. And as we apply the whitening gel, this too is absorbed by the pores in our teeth, and gently breaks down the staining molecules through a chemical process releasing them from our teeth.

  3. Real Teeth Only

    – Teeth whitening can only be used to whiten our real teeth, this is due to the process discussed above. This may not seem like much of an issue, but when tooth coloured fillings or, crowns, or veneers are fitted they are matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth, meaning that they may look slightly out of place after undergoing teeth whitening, as they will remain unaffected compared to the new lighter colouring of your whitened teeth.

  4. Sensitivity

    – Most people naturally suffer from some form of teeth sensitivity if exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures. However, as a side effect of the teeth whitening process, it is normal for your teeth to feel more sensitive, as they become temporarily dehydrated, this sensitivity should however reduce and disappear within 12-48 hours.

  5. Not Permanent

    – Teeth whitening is not a permanent process, and the consumption of staining materials and age, will over time cause repeated stains and discolouration of your teeth. Here at Oasis Dental as well as providing our in-surgery treatment, we can also provide you with a take-home system, making an accurate mould of your teeth which are then used to produce personalised trays to fit your mouth. You can then use these trays for a limited period for a few nights along with whitening gel when you wish to whiten your teeth again in the future

  6. Biggest Staining Culprits

    – After undergoing teeth whitening it is advised that if you want to prolong and make the most of your new gleaming white teeth, that you should avoid the biggest culprits of teeth staining when possible. Some of the biggest staining culprits are dark coloured drinks such as tea, coffee and some carbonated drinks. Red wine is also a cause of stains due to the purple pigments found in the grapes. Another major culprit is tobacco and cigarettes.

  7. It won’t damage your teeth

    – There have been concerns that older whitening process may have caused damage to your teeth, however, the products used at Oasis Dental, have been approved for use in this manner without causing any damage to teeth if used appropriately. However, it is very important to first check your teeth are healthy and you are a suitable candidate for the whitening process to ensure it is appropriate for you.

  8. Not everyone’s teeth are the same

    – As mentioned way back in point one the first step our dental team will take is to inspect the general health of your teeth and their suitability for the teeth whitening treatment. Here they will discuss both what you’d like to get out of the treatment and their expert opinion on what you should expect after undergoing teeth whitening, as no two people’s teeth are the same, and it is important to gauge realistic expectations as colour changes will vary from person to person.

So, there you have eight straightforward and simple truths about the teeth whitening process that you should know before considering having your teeth whitened. Of course, if you have any further questions or you’d like to book a teeth whitening consultation with our team at our Marbella dental surgery then please give us a call today or use our booking form.


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