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Smile Makeover Marbella

A Smile Makeover in Marbella begins with a comprehensive smile assessment so that we can decide how best to achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking smile. We know that everyone is unique so we assess several factors which impact on the outcome of the smile, including face shape, tooth colour and tooth size. Sometimes just small changes are all that is needed to correct an irregularity and we offer a range of the latest cosmetic dentistry and smile makeover techniques always aiming to be as conservative as possible and preserve the health of your mouth.

At Oasis Dental Marbella, we take plaster models of your teeth and these are sent to our dental technician who sculpts the plaster teeth and creates your new smile using tooth coloured waxes.

A diagnostic model is important for successful smile makeovers as it gives the dentist and patient an idea of what the final smile will look like, the parameters of treatment and whether any gum sculpting needs to take place.