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Teeth Microabrasion and Polishing Marbella

Teeth yellow naturally and discolour over the years, but staining is made worse by such things as smoking, tea, coffee and red wine. Surface stains occur primarily between the teeth and particularly on those teeth that are crooked – but there are a range of cosmetic dentistry options that can help you with stained teeth!

Teeth Polishing is the simplest method of stain removal. This is a relatively quick and painless procedure where a paste is applied to the surface of the teeth using a rotatory instrument.

Microabrasion is a more advanced form of polishing that can be used for deeper stains which are part of the tooth structure i.e intrinsic rather than just on the surface. The same technique is applied but the protection of the gum tissue is required as the paste contains a mild caustic agent which actually removes a few micrometres of the surface of the tooth and stain. The results can be very rewarding but it does depend on the extent of staining and therefore may not be suitable for everyone. Sometimes several visits to our Oasis Dental Clinic may be required to achieve the desired final result.