Bonding and White Fillings 2017-12-20T09:58:38+00:00

A conservative option to improve your smile

Bonding is a process of restoring a tooth to its original shape or including further changes ( such as closing a gap) by the addition of composite resin to the tooth structure. It is by far the most desirable treatment which allows the tooth to be rebuilt while conserving the remaining tooth structure. Little or no further tooth structure will need to be removed to allow the composite resin to adhere to enamel and dentine.

Bonding may be the best option if you have a chip or fracture that is too large to allow cosmetic contouring. It is an effective way to make discoloured, worn or irregularly spaced teeth look much better. It’s primary drawback is that it may need to be repeated every several years as the materials will stain and discolour over time.