"Oasis Dental Clinic Marbella receives my very best recommendation. I have always felt uncomfortable with my smile as I had quite many and large gaps between my teeth, so I always used to keep my mouth closed when smiling. I was curious to know more about what could be done to make my smile look more symmetric and cosmetically perfect, so I asked Dr. Sacha Miller-Wojtan for advice. Sacha has been my dentist for several years and she has always been very accommodating and considerate of my needs and wishes, so when she started Oasis Dental Clinic I didn't doubt for a second that I was going to follow her expertise. And I indeed had an amazing first experience at the new clinic in Marbella. First I visited the clinic for a consultig session where we talked about what a cosmetically perfect smile was to me and Sacha came with her recommendations, which gave me a very realistic impression of what we could do to fix the issues that I had with my teeth. It was a very professional session, so I decided to come back to the clinic to have the procedure done, and it was truely a great experience. One could really tell that Sacha had been listening carefully to my wishes, and it was important for her to involve me actively during the procedure to make sure I was satisfied with the cosmetic changes that she made. And I was genuinely amazed with the result. My smile looked so bright and even better than I dared to hope for. I can't stop smiling now. Sacha is so talented and very customer minded. I can highly recommend her and Oasis Dental Clinic Marbella. It's a very professional clinic, so if you are facing any dental issues I sincerely recomment consulting this practice."